Sharing our Knowledge and Experience as we Develop Healthy Habits

Becoming healthy isn’t a race, isn’t a competition, and isn’t only a business for us.  Becoming healthy is our journey, our way life, and a benefit that comes from our lifelong pursuit for knowledge.

We didn’t start out with the idea to create a website, a blog or shop; we only set out to make our lives, and the lives of our family members, healthier. We set out to learn more about our bodies and how they react and respond to what we put in them. We set out to learn more, so that we could make more informed decisions. We set out to become more responsible to ourselves, to our land, and to our planet.

We are glad you are here, and hope that you enjoy becoming healthier one habit at a time.

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Love organic & natural products? Want to skip the recipe and the mess? Check out our shop for some of our best selling products.

Athletic Rapid Recovery

Athletic Rapid Recovery

Use after heavy workouts and rub into muscles using long strokes away from the heart to facilitate removal of lactic acid and to promote rapid recovery.

NOT FOR USE ON OPEN WOUNDS – (Use Skin-Repair-Salve on open wounds before switching to this rub)

$ 12.00

Histamine-Halt Inhaler Off-the-Shelf

Histamine-Halt Inhaler

“Off-the-shelf” – This is the blend that we personally use – Clove EO, Chamomile herbal oil extract, Fennel EO, Thyme EO, Peppermint EO, Lemon EO, Lavender EO.

$ 7.50

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Product Spotlight - Skin Repair Salve

If you want to experience the power of plant based healing, this is the product you must have! This little tin is packed with herbal oil and essential oil goodness. The speed at which the ingredients work has honestly blown our minds.

Calendula, Chickweed & St. John's Wort

3 powerful herbal infused oils help speed the healing

Cypress & Lavender

Essential oils chosen for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties